Gas Saving Motorized Bicycles

What is the future of economical commuting? The answer to this million dollar question is quite complicated. It basically depends on how you would like to travel.

For those of us with short commutes to work or local travel around town, a bicycle is literally as efficient and as inexpensive as anything known to mankind (besides your own two feet of course). The ability to travel by bicycle long distances or uphill for that matter, puts a limitation on the bicycle. No one wants to show up for work drenched in perspiration, out of breath, or giving the appearance of just leaving the gym. Overall, the bicycle winds up being a fantastic means of travel in many cases but certainly not all.

gas saving motorized bicycleThis brings us to the topic of gas saving motorized bicycles. A motorized bicycle is defined as a bike with a motor. We’re not talking about motorcycles here, but a traditional bicycle equipped with a gasoline powered motor.

Motorized bicycles have begun to appear around the country little by little. They are essentially a standard mountain bike or cruiser bike that has been fitted with an engine kit and fuel tank. They are said to squeak out a respectable 150 miles per gallon. Most commercially available kits however are sold with a half gallon gas tank which actually puts the motorized bicycle’s range at about 75 miles per tank.

The kits are readily available on eBay. They are sold in a variety of configurations and are listed for sale by numerous sellers claiming to be the best at what they do. As for pricing, it varies to a certain degree. They are listed for sale at prices as low as $125.00 and as high as $180.00 depending on the kit.

motorized bicyclesThe kit itself contains everything necessary to complete a project bike. These are simple two cycle engines, similar in size to your backyard weed whacker, coupled to a small carburetor, and basic magneto setup. A twist throttle controls the speed.

The engine is started by pedaling the bicycle to a speed at which the clutch can be engaged to basically jump start the engine. A simple kill switch is used to stall the engine. The rider can also disengage the clutch to stop the powered travel.

Check eBay for the kits that are currently listed or check back here soon as we investigate the installation of the motorized bicycle kit, the legality of riding them on public roads, as well as possible problems with motorized bicycles.

The Cost of Commuting to Work

What exactly is the cost of commuting to work

Employment in the United States was once a given. Everyone seemed to work, and work was an everyday part of life. Nowadays, things are different. In many parts of the country, work has become a privilege. Employment is not quite as easy to find as it once was. There are many factors contributing to this fact and that’s not really why we’re here. Those of us driving to work every day stop by the gas station form time to time to fill those wonderful gas tanks. What exactly is the cost of commuting to work?

cost of commuting to work

The Cost of Commuting to Work

Jobs are hard to find in the first place, and good jobs even harder. The cost of commuting to work doesn’t readily enter the mind when an opportunity arises for worthwhile employment. Other than some type of extreme commute, it may not even be a factor. Unemployed individuals may focus their attention of specifics like insurance benefits, the pay scale, and the overall company status. But the cost per week to drive to work isn’t always at the forefront.

There are fifty two (52) weeks in the year, and in most cases five (5)work days per week. Based on these average numbers, traveling to and from work can actually amount to over five hundred (500) commutes per year. This is nothing to sneeze at (pardon the pun). Five hundred car rides every year don’t come free and many times don’t come cheap either. Depending on your vehicle and your mileage to and from work, this cost in fuel alone can be substantial. Try our commuting calculator and you may just be surprised.

The cost of commuting to work comes right from the bottom line, and at the very least everyone should be aware of the financial toll it takes on our annual income.

5 Dollar Gas

5 Dollar Gas (like it or not)

You know they have you when… well when you need gas and you are in the middle of the California desert. The thought of 5 dollar gas would scare most drivers, but the fact that there is gas available at all was actually somewhat of a relief. On a recent drive across the California desert, we found ourselves running low on petrol. We actually live on the eastern side of the United States and don’t normally travel this far to the west. Desert driving for us is a new thing. Equipped with a GPS and rental car, we began our journey in Las Vegas en route to southern California for a few days at the beach. Nothing could be more intimidating than the dessert, especially when you are unfamiliar with the roads and the temperature exceeds 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

5 Dollar Gas

5 Dollar Gas

We specifically rented a convertible to enjoy the weather on the west coast, not realizing the temps can vary tremendously over short distances. Some parts of the drive were too hot to put the top down, and others were simply too cool to put the top down. Nonetheless, the drive was fairly interesting even though we couldn’t take advantage of the Chrysler 200 convertible’s disappearing roof. We got the feeling however, that the first drive through the desert would be the most interesting, most likely losing its appeal after the initial awe.

Anyways, before we knew it, the gas gauge was indicating lass than a quarter tank of gas. If only there were a gas station. Well, a few miles later, there it was, finally a gas station to service my thirsty rental car. As we chugged closer to the station, we all noticed the sign reads 4.99 per gallon. This will be the first time in my personal 25 year driving career that I have encountered 5 dollars for a gallon of gas. They have you, there’s no bones about it. With no other station in site, and no desire to risk a catastrophe, we stop and fill the tank at 5 dollars per gallon. Gas Buddy says it’s cheaper but I beg to differ. We drove away thankful that this station was open, and disgusted at the fact that we were just taken advantage of. In hindsight, I have to admit, the 5 dollar gas has been worthy of casual conversation on more than one occasion, but well worth the investment on that particular day smack-dab in the middle of the unforgiving California desert.