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Welcome to Walegamart

Welcome to Walegamart. We have taken the time to explore the facts, the myths, and the mystery surrounding fuel prices and the cost to commute from point A to point B.

This website contains a wealth of information designed to give the traveling consumer the tools they need to use gasoline wisely and cost effectively.

Fuel Calculators

why are gas prices going upWalegamart is proud to present our free fuel calculators. Whether driving home, to work, or anywhere on the road, there is much to be learned about how and why we use as much gasoline as we do.

Energy comes in many forms, the most predominant being fossil fuels including oil and coal as well two derivatives we know and love called gasoline and diesel fuel.

Everything we do on a daily basis reflects energy and fuel consumption in one way or another. Turning on the lights in your home or business burns fossil fuel... think about it. The electricity in your home has to be generated at a power plant.

Just taking a hot shower, having a cup of hot coffee, or even a trip to the local coffee shop burns fossil fuels while emptying your pocketbook.

Use our fuel consumption calculators to see how much you vehicle costs to drive every mile. You can also calculate how much it costs to drive to work each year. This is only a sample of the many useful calculators available at Walegamart.

Try our fuel savings calculators here...

Common Sense Commuting

We're never too old to learn about life. Common sense commuting can save a consumer hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in fuel expense over the long term.

Explore the many many options for saving money on gas. Some are common sensical, and other may not be so obvious. We have explored some different avenues in money saving and would be more than happy to share them with the world.

The intelligent commute is guaranteed to put money back into every consumer's pocket. We'll look at everyday activities of the average consumer and suggest the most effective ways to save on gasoline costs.

Everyone can save money shopping, commuting to your daily job, and believe it or not, vacationing...

Your personal economy can immediately benefit from educating yourself and the savings can be substantial enough that you'll wonder why you didn't actively focus on fuel savings sooner.

Read more about common sense commuting here...

Ahh The Bicycle...

We've begun to turn our attention to bicycling as a green, inexpensive method of travel. Once considered the most economical form of travel, bicycling evolved into a sport and recreational activity.

But bicycles have the potential to save the consumer a substantial amount of money at the gas pump. Check out the many biking accesories available to make pedal biking a little bit more comfortable.

With gas prices at their current levels, pedaling your bike to work or to the store may be the best option for short commutes.

And then there's the lnext level, the bicycle with a motor. That's right... the motorized bicycle has become a reality. In the past you may have seen the occasional moped riding by. Now, products are available to equip a standard street bike or mountain bike with a small motor capable of carrying a full size adult around with a fuel cost measured in pennies.

Check out the motorized bicycle kits and how see how easy you can be on your bike tomorrow without pedaling.

Check out the motorized bicycles here...

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