About Us (About Walegamart)

walegamart office rental Walegamart has been operating online continuously since June 29th of 2002. Our home office is located on Upper Powderly St in Carbondale, Pennsylvania. We started off with just one home computer and a simple idea, and immediately began growing and we continue to flourish today. We started by advertising with just a dozen merchants, and in just a few short years, the site grew to over one hundred trustworthy, respected partners. We take pride in featuring merchants with whom we would feel comfortable making personal purchases. The selected partners varied in products and services from a to z and everything in between. You could find virtually anything that is available in your local brick and mortar store, and have it home delivered, sometimes with remarkable savings.

As the internet evolves, so must we. In the early days of Walegamart we focused on bargain shopping and categorized, searchable products and services. After a number of years successfully marketing the products and services of others, we decided to go a step further and release a beta version of our shopping directory. This was successful for a short time, but in an age where the atmosphere in cyberspace can change in the blink of an eye, the directory format became a thing of the past just as quickly as it had caught on.

Hence, we are in 2010 with an energy crunch being felt around the world. Some say the economy is in recovery, and others feel it still has yet to bottom out. In light of current economic conditions being felt around the world, we decided to take the company in a totally different direction. A direction that could benefit us, our customers, and mother earth as well. Walegamart is going green! We have decided to focus the business on energy saving ideas, gadgets, devices, and inventions with reviews and explanations to accompany these products. Walegamart also features many useful calculators. These java-powered calculators are free to use and can save you plenty of hard-earned cash.

We hope to continue to develop long term relationships with our customers while doing our part to help ease the energy crisis. Customers can benefit from financial savings, as well as the satisfaction of knowing they are doing their part to help conserve precious energy and natural resources. Believe it or not, shopping from home can actually benefit the environment by lowering the amount of traffic on our interstates as well as our local mall parking lots. As with any activity available through the internet, discretion is always important.

Our goal is to retain our customer base by satisfying patrons nationwide. Since we do not handle the merchant's merchandise directly, these goals can be achieved through easy navigation and fast loading pages throughout our site.

A pleasant shopping experience with thorough product explanations can make the difference when it comes to happy customers. Watch Walegamart for more growth, more free java-powered calculators, more features, and increased usability in the near future. Remember, energy conservation is a group effort... everyone needs to participate in their own way to make a difference in the world. While you're here, please make use of our free fuel savings calculators. They may just open your eyes..