Bicycle Return on Investment Calculator

They say nothing in life is free however riding a bicycle as a form of transportation may be better than free. Gas and diesel fuel cost Americans an alarming amount of cash from their paycheck every year.

Now you can calculate a return on investment when purchasing a bicycle to commute to work. Investing in a bicycle may be a better bargain than you would ever imagine and the Walegamart bicycle calculator proves the theory..

My Current Vehicle's Average mpg: HELP
Fuel Cost Per Gallon at the Pump is: HELP
Estimate how many bicycle miles per day: To work, errands, friends house, etc...
How many days per week do you ride your bike:
How much did your bicycle cost:

Your annual cost to travel with a motorized vehicle
$ per year! Remember... nothing is free!

With a motorized vehicle, it would cost you: $ every day to travel this distance!

It would take: days to recoup the cost of your bicycle in fuel savings!

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