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Is there such a thing as free shopping? You bet there is... To browse the national retailers and chain stores without spending a single penny on gasoline equates to free shopping. You may not think much of it now, but driving from store to store is not free.

From a practical stanpoint we all know that we can't shop for everything in life online, but the fact is that we can't dramatically reduce our travel time by, at the very least, developing a game-plan at home using the internet.

Search the National Chain Stores

kmart storeThe name you know and trust for generations features fast home delivery of virtually all their in-store products.

Their online shopping site offers easy navigation for a pleasant shopping experience. Following their partnership with Sears, they have stabilizied and continue to provide reasonably priced products. They've made the concept of free shopping easier with their mobile friendly website.

Shop from your PC or mobile device: Shop K Mart

This is the market place that seems to have everyone talking.

They feature almost anything under the sun, listed by various sellers and in most cases shipped from centralized locations to speed the ordering process.

The system is easy to use, just open an acount (if you don't already have one) and you are on your way. Combine small items and surpass the $35 to qualify for free shipping on some items.

Try out the Amazon

Shop an international chain for faraway Family/Friends with International Shipping available to over 90 countriesBuy online and enjoy home delivery or pick your merchandise up at your local store.

Another example of free shopping for appliances, clothing, tools, and much more. An advantage to Sears is their worldwide shipping and delivery. They service international customers.

Browse their store from home: Shop at Sears

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