Calculate the Cost of Work Commute

They say nothing in life is free and now we have proof. Not even your drive to the plant, office, or store is free. Gas and diesel fuel cost Americans an alarming percentage of their paycheck every year.

Now you can calculate the cost of your work commute and lock down your own fuel expense driving to work and back. You can also calculate your vehicle's cost per mile and your total fuel used.

My Vehicle's Average mpg: HELP
Fuel Cost Per Gallon at the Pump is: HELP
How many miles to drive to work: One Way Only!
How many days per week do you work:
How many weeks vacation do you have:

Your Cost to travel to and from work with this vehicle
$ per year! Nothing is free, not even going to work!

It costs you: $ every day to get to work and back home!

You are spending: $ of your check every week for travel to work!

Incidently, riding a full size motorcycle to work would cost
$ per year at $ per gallon.

To travel to work on a moped would cost you about $
per year at $ per gallon.

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