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Walegamart can be reached for comments and questions on the site, for general merchant inquiries, or for general questions regarding saving fuels. We do not handle any products directly and once an order is placed through one of our respected merchants, all order inquiries must be sent directly to that particular merchant.

We do not take phone or email orders. Thanks for visiting Walegamart and we hope you were able to come away with an energy saving idea or product that can save you some money while being a bit more concious of our environment.

Energy and fuel related questions can be directed here, especially those involving our free gas calculators. Unfortunately we don't guarantee an answer to every question, but we promise to "give it the old college try" as they say. We will also accept energy saving suggestions or information on newly released products at this address.

Our webmaster can also be contacted regarding questions or comments directed toward the website here and any manner of website abuse regarding Walegamart can be reported as well.

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