Diesel Fuel

Diesel fuel is essentially a fuel oil used to power motor vehicles for use on public roads or railways. The initial invention of the diesel engine came way back in 1893 by a German inventor and engineer named Rudolf Diesel.

We will explore some basic information as well as the history of this globally popular vehicle fuel. It has most certainly impacted they way we move about the roads of the world.

The Origin and Use Diesel Today

diesel fuel trainBack to Rudolf Diesel, the man just wouldn't give up. Although his first offering ended in failure, he eventually was credited with the invention of today's diesel engine.

Diesel fuel is derived from petroleum, however it is now beginning to take on the name petrodiesel because of newer, alternative methods of producing this fuel.

Biodiesel is one such alternative which is not derived from petroleum oil and is beginning to find its way into the commercial market.

Diesels operate under a different set of circumstances than a gasoline powered combustion engine. Instead of a spark plug to ignite the fuel, air is compressed in the cylinder to such a high degree that is becomes heated beyond the flash point of the diesel fuel.

The diesel is sprayed into the cylinder (or combustion chamber) and ignites creating a burst of energy required to power the engine. Diesel engines are typically heavier than gasoline engines due to the high pressures that are created within them and the heavier construction needed to contain those pressures.

Diesel powered engines have found a home in trucks and tractors as well as on the nation's railways. They are ideal for creating electricity a perfect candidate for trains which are actually driven by electric motors at the wheels.

They can also be found on many ocean going vessels including cruise ships. Diesel powered engines are also ideal for many types of electric generators.

We offer a few a few handy fuel calculators to help you get a better idea of how much diesel (or gas) you use in your vehicles and how much money you spend at the pump.

These calculators are free and easy to use and in many cases may open your eyes to your own personal fuel consumption. Putting a dollar amount on your fuel usage may have more impact on your driving habits than the threat of possible future energy shortages.

There are also commercially available products for making your own diesel fuel that can help battle the cost at the pump.

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