Energy Saving Concepts & Product Reviews!

The final plateau of energy saving travel is the pedal bike. We see them everywhere, and we see them every day. Kids love them. As a matter of fact this is the way most kids get around their neighborhood. Bikes come in all shapes and sizes and for all types of recreational purposes as well as practical purposes. Kids pedal bikes can be seen in virtually every garage or backyard where children are present. The number of bicycles in the USA rivals the number of cars on the road. This is not because Americans are so energy conscious, but because so many children own bicycles. Let's take a look at a country like China where bicycles outnumber automobiles by well over 200 to 1. This is primarily because it is not economically effective to even think about owning a car. There is less focus on road building and maintenance as well as unaffordable gasoline for most citizens. The bicycle becomes the vehicle of choice. kids pedal bike

energy free pedal bike Can we effectively travel by bicycle to work? How about the grocery store? Some say yes, some say no. But what if we had no choice. Pedal bikes are a tried and true method of traveling whether we like it or not. It is said that cars consume just under 50% of the oil usage in this country. If we are able to actively control that number we would see supply increase, demand decrease, therefore pricing would be more reasonable. At the same time our lungs and our environment reap the benefits. We also get the health benefit of the excercise that comes with riding a bicycle. Some people have actually reported feeing exhiliarated and refreshed after a bike ride. When was the last time you felt exhiliarated after a car ride?

Adult bikes are designed and built in various styles. Mountain bikes usually have some form of suspension including shocks or dampers. They also use a thicker tire with better traction for going off-road. Street bicycles typically don't have suspension and are lightweight. They use a narrow, smoother tire which helps in generating speed and also helps ease the strain of pedaling. Then there are utility bikes. These bikes are equipped with baskets or another means of carrying payload and also can be equipped with a variety of bicycle acessories as well. They are also available as trikes for more stability. free travel on bicycles

bicycle innovations Most bikes have the capability to shift gears using an ingenious device called the derailleur (derailer or de-railer or derailler) which is designed to change the bike's gear ratio for easier pedaling uphill and for less pedaling when on a downhill incline or whenever you desire more top speed. Seats have been redesigned for more comfort and gel seats are even available for those who desire. The bicycle shifters have also been redesigned and moved to the handlebars so you can shift without taking your hands off the steering. There is also a bike on the market that shifts itself according to load and simulates an automatic transmission on a car. Suspension is available on many models either on the front wheel only or on both wheels for added comfort offroad or on a not-so-perfect road surface. These and other innovations have made bicycling much more practical as well as enjoyable and comfortable.

Public transportation is another practical way to save money while traveling. All large cities in the USA have bus and train travel services to move people in an out of metropolitan areas. Some public transportation systems are state of the art, organized, and timely while others may not be so reliable. Even though it is energy and fuel efficient, somewhat trustworthy from a scheduling standpoint, and not all that expensive, many commuters can truly benefit from riding a bicycle. When you bike, your hands and feet control your own destiny.