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This fuel consumption calculator can provide you with some interesting data. It will calculate the fuel cost for your vehicle by the mile. Now you can see what that trip to the store is really costing you.

Your commute back and forth to work isn't free either. You can use our cost of working calculator to see how much you spend driving to work.

We also have a calculator for total gas or diesel used for any vehicle. Enter your data and see how much money actually goes into your fuel tank.

My Vehicle's Average mpg: HELP
Fuel Cost Per Gallon at the Pump is: HELP

Your Cost to travel with this vehicle is: $ per mile!

Your Cost to travel only 10 miles with this vehicle is: $

Your fuel for every 100 miles of travel will cost you: $

Your fuel for every 1000 miles of travel with this vehicle is: $

Incidently, a full size motorcycle costs
$ per mile at $ per gallon.

A moped costs about $ per mile at $ per gallon.

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