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These handy little fuel use calculators may just give you a little different perspective on just how much of your money is gracefully handed over at your local filling station.

They will show you that global warming equals wallet emptying for most of us who drive a vehicle for one reason or another every day.

You can also get an idea of how many gallons of gas are being burned to get you around town, as well as a few alternate examples of ways you can save money and fuel.

The overall cost of your personal fuel is reaching historic figures at a time when money is tight and the economy is not exactly firing on all cylinders.

Don't be fooled by a slight relief in prices at the pump, take a few moments and calculate for yourself. Knowledge is key and most likely, you'll be surprised to see just how much you spend on fueling your vehicle to do everyday tasks.

Fuel Use Calculators... More Knowledge = More Money

These fuel use calculators are provided to the general public with no warranty whatsoever. The accuracy of the calculated results is dependent on the information input into the fields of each calculator.

Approximating the input data can still give you a rough estimate of fuel use, and of course, fuel costs. Enjoy...

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