Gas Rebate Credit Cards

Gas rebate credit cards are available from a few different financial institutions, but are they worth it?

Well, if you own or dirve a vehicle that requires fuel, then the answer is yes. But the savings will depend on just how much you actually drive and how frequently you visit the local filling station...

We can talk all day about not driving, and about not burning gas in our vehicles, and not spending money at the gas station. But the reality is that many of us can trim our fuel use, but not stop driving all together. We can look for a job closer to home but we always can't find one.

gas rebate credit cardsWe can take a vacation closer to home, but sometimes we just don't want to. The point is, that if you own a motorized vehicle, you will be visiting a gas station this year. And when you pull away from the gas pumps, you will be leaving behind some of your hard-earned money.

This is where gas rebate credit cards come into the picture. Are they worth it? Is there really money to be saved?

The answer is absolutely yes. You can and will save money using a gas rebate credit card. And you have a choice in the matter. The choice is between the credit cards that are dedicated to one brand of gasoline, and those that are accepted at any station, any time, anywhere.

The fact is, the credit cards that identify with one particular brand can actually save you more money, but you have to patronize that brand exclusively. Whether or not this situation is ideal is a personal decision based on your daily driving.

For instance, a familiar gas station that you frequent at the end of your block may be your best bet. If you find yourself filling up every week, month after month, and year after year, it is well worth your time to possess their branded credit card.

Their rewards for being brand-loyal usually translate to a few cents per gallon discount. This form of gas rebate is the most profitable if you put more than a few miles per day. A discounted price per gallon will beat any other credit card and the best part is that your reward is cash back, no special prizes or gifts. Sunoco cards and Texaco cards are good examples.

The other option is world-branded gas rebate credit card from a major financial institution. These cards usually bear the recognized logo such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express and are accepted at any gas station.

They can also be used at most other establishments that accept credit cards as well. This style of card works well for those who do not wish to carry more than one credit card. You will earn rewards based on gasoline purchases as well as purchases made elsewhere. There is typically an advantage in the amount of rewards for using the rebate cards for gasoline purchases.

creditcards Now it's just a matter of choosing the card that's right for you. The easiest method is using the system at You use a menu with check boxes to narrow down the choices until you find the right rebate card.

You then apply as you normally would any credit card. It comes down to this, credit cards are very convenient and can be of benefit to the consumer when they are used properly.

First off, the right card for the right person is essential, secondly, using the card responsibly is key to reaping the rewards that are offered as a benefit to card ownership. Those who abuse or simply misuse a credit card will never see a financial boost from charging your gasoline. Remember you should drive responsibly as well as charge responsibly... Happy motoring!

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