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Get Help with Your Fuel Calculation

It is easier than you think to calculate an accurate fuel expense for your vehicle. This is true whether your car, truck, or any type of vehicle is equipped with a trip computer or not. If you are fortunate enough to have a trip computer, simply scroll through the menu until you find your vehicle's average miles per gallon and simply make a note of it. You will enter that value into our calculator along with the current price of a gallon of gas at your last fill up.

Older vehicles or even modern economy vehicles without a trip computer are going to have to do this the old fashioned way. First you fill the tank to the top. Then make a note in your car of your current odometer reading. Drive the car as you normally would until you reach about half of a tank. You can also drive the car until it is empty if you wish but generally half of a tank will do. Return to the filling station and fill it up again. Make a note of how many gallons it took to fill the tank. Using basic math you can figure out how many miles you traveled between fill-ups, divided by how many gallons it took to fill the tank back up. This will give you the vehicle's average miles per gallon. You can also print out our form and take it with you. This makes it even easier to do your gas calculations.