Energy Saving Concepts & Product Reviews!

new moped The next alternative for local travel is of course the powered bicycle. Electric bicycles and mopeds are actually becoming more readily available for those of us who can't seem to pedal as much as we'd like. As with scooters and motorcycles, electric bicycles and mopeds seem to be used as recreation more than for practical use. This can easily be turned around if gas were to hit $5.00 per gallon. Who knows, if energy demands continue to increase maybe we can even expect $10.00 per gallon gas here in the USA in the not so distant future. Mopeds have been around for decades. Mopeds, as uncool as they may look, can garner an incredible 120 to 150 miles per gallon, although some of the newer moped models are more stylish than those that usually come to mind. These practical little vehicles are regulated by the dmv in most states beacuse they typically have the capability of going 25 to 30 mph. You would have to check with your local aurthorities on licensing and registration information.

Electric bicycles are a newer product not quite as well known as a moped, These are essentially a standard bicycle with a battery pack and small electric motor to propel the rider in the open air without any effort on the rider's part or simply to assist the rider in the event of an uphill climb. Some of the electric bikes can be on the high side when it comes to sticker price and this sticker shock has delayed the popularity of these money savers. They can be fun and at the same time pull you around town for pennies per mile. I don't think the geek factor really applies to electric bikes. They actually look pretty cool. Some of the top end models hide the battery within the framework of the bicycle to give the bike a non-motorized look. electric bicycle

And then there is the ultimate energy saving travel option... the manual powered bicycle. The only energy spent on riding a bike is that of the person pedaling it. Invented in the 1880's, it has been a staple of transportation worldwide ever since. It is a recreational toy for children and adults as well as a fantastic means of getting from point a to point b, not to mention great excercise as well.