Make Your Own Diesel Fuel

make diesel fuel

diesel fuel truck

This is one way to help battle the cost of fueling your diesel powered vehicle. It takes less effort than you would believe, it's completely safe with no cooking or heating, and it costs pennies per gallon. You may think that making your own diesel fuel is a farce, but in reality it is legitimate. As long as you follow the simple instructions, there is no difference in performance and you will not harm your diesel engine.

It can be used as a total replacement for petroleum diesel fuel or if you wish as a fuel supplement by using it with petrol diesel fuel in any percentage that you desire. This home made diesel fuel and petrol diesel fuel are completely compatible. No dangerous methanol or safety issues involved! The home made diesel works in both newer and older diesel engines, even if there has been a power upgrade.

This is well worth a look if you drive anything diesel powered. We've seen diesel prices explode recently and with all forms of energy becoming greatly sought after worldwide there is no end in sight. If anything, it's worth a try for the small investment of your time and money.

Remember, there is no end in sight for rising diesel fuel prices. A safe, easy, and most importantly, an inexpensive method of creating your own diesel fuel is your only defense against these rising fuel costs other than reducing your mileage on the road.