Pedal Biking

Walegamart focuses primarily on fuel savings and awareness. The concept of saving fossil fuels benefits consumers as well as the environment.

energy free pedal bikePedal biking happens to be one of the easiest ways to save on fuel while excercising the body and mind at the same time.

Pedal biking is the most popular form of travel in many parts of the world where fuel costs and vehicle ownership are out of reach for many people. Riding a bike is the only form of transportation to and from work for many of these people as well.

There is no question that education can open doors. Why not educate yourself on the benefits of biking and what it can mean to your health as well as your wallet.

Pedal Biking to Work?

Why don't more Americans ride pedal bikes to work? It's as simple as three letters: e-g-o. Americans love their automobiles and many of those who could easily ride a bike to work never will because of their ego.

In North America, it seems as though riding a bike to work is primarily due to absolute necessity and is not the desired method of travel.

Either the loss of driving priveleges, or the inability to afford motorized transportation could be the reasons behind bicycling to work. Pedal biking into the parking lot of your employers is almost certain to invoke questioning by fellow workers.

The culture of riding a bike voluntarily in lieu of paying for fuel has not taken hold just yet. Slight relief in gas prices have some consumers thinking otherwise, but you can't count on the stock market and commodity trading to balance your personal budget.

Gas prices will rise eventually, and no one can truly predict when it will happen. Pedal biking to work is always a money saving options regardless of the oil market.

Pedal biking still considered recreation...

Pedal bikes are still viewed as excercise equipment and recreational equipment. They are not necessarily viewed as a means of transportation. Busy streets, not typically designed for bicycle traffic, can in many cases limit the ability for one to ride to work safely instead of driving the family car.

kids pedal bikeThis issue is changing, slowly but surely as government officials are finally realizing the practical use of bicycles as fuel saving transportation and not just a pleasure of fitness vehicle.

Bicycles, for the most part, are designed with specific uses in mind. A street bicycle varies from a mountain bike, a child's bicycle of course varies in size from an adult version. Selecting the right bicycle to serve the purpose is critical.

An uncomfortable bike, or a pedal bike purchased for another purpose can instantly frustrate any rider. Price matters... Purchasing a pedal bike is the same as purchasing most anything. It's the simple idea that you get what you pay for.

Higher quality pedal bikes are made of higher grade, lighter materials, may have better tires, more comfortable seats, better suspension, and more reliable shifting capability. All of these options must be considered if the consumer plans on using the bicycle for transportation to their place of employment.

Walegamart is rolling out a bicycle configurator designed to assist in the pedal bike purchase process. The pedal biking configurator will be made public in early 2015.

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