RV Motorhome Fuel Use Calculator

RV's are not known for being economical. As a matter of fact and RV or motorhome can be quite the opposite in therms of fuel usage. This fuel use calculator can provide you with some interesting data.

It will calculate the fuel cost for your motorhome by the mile. Now you can see what that trip to the campground or your cross-country vacation is really costing you. If you'd like to calculate fuel use in any other vehicle you can use our standard gas calculator for cars and trucks.

We also have a calculator for total gas or diesel used for any vehicle for the entire time you've owned it. Enter your data and see how much of your hard-earned money actually goes into your fuel tank.

My RV's Average mpg: HELP
Fuel Cost Per Gallon at the Pump is: HELP

Your Cost to travel with this RV is: $ per mile!

Your Cost to travel only 10 miles with this RV is: $

Your fuel for every 100 miles of travel will cost you: $

Your fuel for every 1000 miles of travel with this RV is: $

Incidently, an average mid-sized sedan or mini-van costs
$ per mile at $ per gallon.

An average economy car costs about $ per mile at $ per gallon.

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