Save gas while Traveling

How about alternatives? Motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, and good old fashion bicycles are options which have their place on our roads. They are literally the exact opposite of America's favorite gas guzzlers, the extreme example being motorhomes and RV's. Unlike many other countries, these forms of travel seem to be for recreation for most of us instead of economical methods of travel. Motorcycles can achieve 30, 40, even 50 miles per gallon. As a matter of fact there is an economy motorcycle for street use produced by Honda that is rated for 73 mpg and a model from Yamaha rated at a phenominal 90 mpg. Motorcycles are considered dangerous by many who do not ride them especially in high traffic situations or on interstate highways.

energy efficient motorcycle

fuel efficent scooter

Yet a motorcycle used for practical purposes such as traveling to work can save plenty of fuel which translates to more money in the consumer's pocket. Motorcycles are stylish and well accepted across America and can easily be considered an alternative to driving a gas guzzling suv, pickup truck, van or full size car. Scooters on the other hand are fantastic for local travel. These too are very popular in many countries but have yet to truly take off in America. Some people blame what they call the geek factor for the lack of scooters on the road. Scooters can get anywhere from 60 to 100 mile per gallon of fuel. They are not as expensive as most motorcycles for the initial investment, and they are easy and fun to drive. As with motorcycles, they of course are not good solutions to travel in winter weather. From the inital purchase and investment, depending on mileage you can recoup your entire investment with fuel savings in one to two years. This is of course depending on your miles traveled as well as the model you chose to purchase. Scooters are however regulated by the dmv and you will need to check with your local authorities for license and registration information.

Kid sized electric scooters were a hot item a few years back when they first became available. They are sold in both stand-up and sit-down versions with various sized motors from 100 watt to as large as 500 watts. Although I can't picture Mom or Dad jumping on little Johnny or Sally's scooter and heading off to work, I thought they were worth mentioning due to the energy saving technology that is packed into these toys. Most use Lithium Ion batteries which are reliable and long lasting and although the overwhelming majority of these scooters are imported, they are typically built in a safe and sound mannner. The factories producing the kid sized scooters are more than likely involved in producing at least some of the adult sized scooters.

Some kid sized scooters also come equipped with a small 2 stroke engine to similar to that of a weed wacker or lawn trimmer. These scooters more often than not are noisy. They also require mixing of gasoline and two stroke oil which can be messy. These small motors are not known for their longevity due to running at high rpm's and the fact that they rely on the owner/operator to premix the gas and oil at the correct ratio.

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