Calculate the total gas consumed

This unique calculator is used to calculate the total amount of fuel your vehicle has used since you've owned it. It is guaranteed to provide you an interesting, and even eye-opening total.

It will calculate the amount of gas or diesel fuel your vehicle has consumed over its lifespan or for the amount of time that you have personally owned and operated the vehicle. This gives you an idea of the impact you vehicle is having on our environment.

It will also give you a rough idea of how much of your hard-earned money will be flushed down the gas tank. In case you haven't tried our other calculators, check out our cost of working calculator to see how much you spend driving to work and back.

It is interesting to see just how much it costs to go to work. You can also calculate the cost per mile of any car or truck.

My Vehicle's Average mpg: HELP
Current Cost Per Gallon at the Pump is: HELP
My Vehicle's Odometer Reading at Purchase:
My Vehicle's Current Odometer Reading:

Your Vehicle consumed: gallons of gas or diesel fuel so far!

If fuel remains at: $ per gallon, You would be spending $ to travel the same amount of miles again.

Incidently, a full size motorcycle would have only used about gallons to travel the same exact distance costing you $ out of your pocket!

A moped would have only used about gallons to travel the same distance using only $ of your hard-earned money!

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