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Traveling to work or traveling for pleasure... maybe you even travel as your work or maybe just need to run an errand... Many of us travel by car, airplane, or some type of motor vehicle at some point every day. Some travel a few miles where others may travel hundreds of miles. Every last one of these miles is taking its toll on the environment including the air we breathe. It may also be affecting our pocket book or our monthly budget at home. Gasoline and diesel are fuels which are not in unlimited supply. As a matter of fact we may indeed run out of these precious commodities at some point in the foreseeable future.

Saving energy on the road can of course be achieved by scaling back on the amount of driving we all do, this is common knowledge. But what about those who have already scaled back and have necessary travel on our nation's roads every day either for work or school or maybe for health reasons. Education and common sense are key to saving fuel. Obviously stomping on the accelerator to get from point a to point b in a wreckless manner is an easy way to waste gas. Excessive highway speeding is one the most popular ways to waste fuel. Some of you may remember the 1970's where the manditory 55 MPH speed limit was put into affect nationwide to conserve fuel. It remained in affect until recent years. Cars or trucks with improper air pressure in their tires also waste fuel. Vehicles with improperly tuned engines can also waste fuel. Vehicles carrying unecessary weight is also a source of energy waste. The list of ways to waste fuel is actually quite long but how can we put this information to use to save energy.

fuel consuming suv

gas guzzling automobile

Many Americans in particular are overlooking the fact that most vehicles on the road today are not energy or fuel efficient. Full size pickups, glamorous SUV's, and sports cars are not usually designed with fuel economy in mind, not to mention many times they are driven in disrepair and in need of parts and maintenance. This is a trend which has been growing instead of shrinking. Many of us can also remember the days when the roads were not so crowded. Year after year, more and more vehicles take to the roads for various reasons. Drivers are staying on the road later in life, and even more astounding is the number of young people still in high school who now drive. As a matter of fact the number of teenagers who own their own vehicle has risen dramatically. Mom and Dad can't seem to wait to get the kids out on the road. This reason alone can account for increased traffic, unecessary pollution, and a greater demand for fuel energy.